December 2, 2022  |   3 min read

Year-End Giving

It’s the end of the year. Have you hit your fundraising goals? If you find yourself coming up a bit short, now is the time to rally!

December is the peak of the festive season. Everyone seems to be in a spirited mood so it’s a great time to ask for money for your cause as many are willing to spread their holiday joy. But it is also a time rife with competition as many nonprofits are also hoping to capitalize on the occasion. 

So, how can you stand out?

1. Get Ready.

It’s a busy time of year. You want your donation process to be easy. Go through all of your tools and make sure everything is working before you reach out to donors. Click links to make sure they work and reduce steps where you can. Clean your digital house – i.e your website and social media – and make things look festive and renewed. Review your mission and your impact statements to make sure they are clear and up to date for 2022. 

You will be asking for attention from donors, so now is your time to really shine.

2. Say Thank You!

This season presents a wonderful opportunity to recognize past donors for their previous generosity. Making sure they know you are appreciative of them and affirming that their past contributions made a difference in your mission is important in putting them into the giving mindset.

3. Make Good.

Was there something you promised in one of your earlier campaigns? Perhaps a goal which was set or an activity to occur? If so, make sure you highlight that your promise was fulfilled so donors can see and know their money has made an impact. But not every goal is met, so if there was a promise made and you missed the mark, now is the time to make amends. Address any issues head on so you are accountable and donors feel there is transparency.

4. Do Not Oversaturate.

Reminding donors of your NPO and your mission is important this time of year. But at a time when everyone is on overload, do not send out daily campaigns or stuff their mailboxes with additional clutter. Streamline and come up with something meaningful and impactful to reach out to your donors, and then be strategic with how and when you reach out.

5. Make It Easy.

Donors might be willing to give, but they are likely also feeling overwhelmed with their holiday to-do lists. Asking them to attend an event or to invest time in your activities may be a stretch. But if you have a donation link, a cash collection box, or something else that is both easy and accessible it will make it easier for potential donors to open their wallets for a worthy cause.

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