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Nonprofit Grant Management Tips

Happy Friday. If you’re here, you’ve made it to the Friday Five! 

This week we’ll be talking about some modern tech solutions to ensure your organization has a professional look and takes advantage of every opportunity. From having a mobile friendly website to software which will “double your donations,” there are some great tools and tips available. Keep reading to learn how to take advantage of them.

1. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

A benefit of having an online presence is your organization can grow its exposure by getting in front of more people.  An online footprint begins with your website.  According to Statista, mobile web traffic continues to grow. Through 2022, over 55% of online traffic is from mobile devices.  What was once considered the first impression – a mobile device view – is sometimes the entire experience.  

As this percentage continues to increase yearly, it is more important than ever to make sure your website is fully responsive to all devices.  Responsiveness is considered the ability for your website to slightly change based on screen size.  For example, a user on a desktop will have much more screen available than a user on a mobile phone.  Thankfully, many templated website builders offer the ability to craft your website so everything shows best, regardless of device. 

2. Increase Your Reach

By getting in front of more people there is a better chance that you will receive more donations.  Grow the online exposure of your organization by making sure you are listed on platforms such as Guidestar, Google, and Yelp.  

Pro Tip: Socials are a common way to stay in contact with donors and reach new ones. While pictures tell a million words, today videos are telling a billion. Videos are the best content type you can post.  Keep in mind, while socials are great tools for communication it’s important not to have more than can be managed.  Remember, they are a representation of your organization so you’ll want to make sure what you have it well manicured. 

3. Reach Out for Help

As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day.”  Similarly, it was not built by one person.  There is only so much you can do. Reaching out for help allows you to focus on what you do best.  This can vary by organization, taking different forms.  Maybe you are looking for an IT consultant, accounting assistance, or even a full managed service provider.  Regardless of level, removing some barriers will give you more time to complete your mission!

4. Don't Waste Your Data

Data, data, data.  These days everything is recorded and measured so you can get stats on anything and everything.  What to do with all this data?  Utilizing a CRM tool can help you manage your database and run informational reports to take action. 

5. Promote Donation Matching

It’s common for organizations to have donation matching programs to help give back to nonprofits and the community.  Oddly enough, it is not as common to know if your organization participates in these programs.  To combat this, look into donation matching tools.  These tools can be added at the end of the donation process.  Once finished, the donor can search to see if their organization offers this program.  If yes, they can submit the proper paperwork to get approved.  Once approved, you received double the donation at no extra effort for you. Winner!

We hope that you enjoyed our tips.  If you had a favorite or any others we would love to see your thoughts!

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