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Where to Start for Increasing Online Donations

Online donations increased during the pandemic and still remain strong. According to BlackBaud’s giving report, online donations account for more than 12% of all fundraising. With virtual interactions increasing, having a current, accurate and relevant online presence is more important than ever.  How do you get in on this action while the wave is still building momentum? We’re here to give you 5 tips to supercharge your online fundraising presence.

1. Keep a Relevant Web Footprint

For most large purchases or donations there is a research component.  People want to know what their money is actually getting them. Donations are no different in this respect, especially if there is not an established connection. Your organization’s website and or social media are the two most likely places to be visited first, and you only get one chance at a first impression. Perception is everything in a space where there is no human interface, so you have to make your collateral count. Be sure to only have the amount of social media/web accounts that can be actively managed, and lump email into this overall grouping. Email outreach is beneficial for its cost effectiveness and the real time metrics.  Check out our post last week for other metrics to best leverage your data.

2. Promote Your Monthly Giving Program

If you do not yet have a monthly giving program, we recommend that this is your starting place. Why? Rather than fighting for the attention of your donor and needing them to have the motivation to follow through with the donation, a monthly giving program does both. Working similar to a subscription model that many services offer, a monthly recurring membership or giving program allows donors to be part of your community without having to do anything more. Now instead of it taking time and effort for the donor to make a donation, it takes more work for them to not make the donation. Oh, and as you might guess, this can all be done online. Easy!

3. Embrace Days of Giving and Cause Awareness Days

There are holidays for just about every occasion – because everyone loves to celebrate –  and regardless of your mission there is one for you as well.  Using the concept of creating a day of awareness as a way to draw attention to your organization can be a great redirect to a quick online donation. 

4. Make Your Circle Larger

The majority of nonprofits are small, with revenue of less than $50,000 and two or fewer employees. That makes it ever more important to reach those outside of your organization.  A common way to do this is through crowdfunding and peer to peer fundraising. 

The goal of crowdfunding is to have many people donate to your campaign.  This is similar to how most donation  campaigns work, where you are asking a pool of outsiders to make contributions to reach a goal.  

Peer-to peer fundraising takes this a step further by having supporters or donors make their own fundraising page.  This then challenges the supporters and donors to make pledges or fundraising goals. By sharing the mission and message to a larger audience, there is a greater chance for fundraising and therefore.

If you’re looking for a wonderful example of how peer-to-peer fundraising can be executed with excellence, check out our partner No-Shave November. It’s a master class in P2P, and they are avid users od DonorNinja to help them keep track of all their effort and raise more money for the mission.

5. Social Media

We mentioned this in the web footprint section, it has such potential that we felt the need to give it its own point. 

Just about everyone uses some form of Social Media, either passively or actively. Social media acts as a representation of your organization, so having it well manicured is important. But it also gives your supporters and donors the ability to connect with you and share with others.  This becomes a great place for peer to peer fundraising as many supporters will share their connections and community through it.  This can easily grow your circle and help you stay in front of a larger audience, all with limited overhead to execute. Kind of like earning interest on your savings.

Knowing the benefit that it provides, many platforms are making it easier to fundraise. Check out some of those tools here: tools.  They have information on best practices, but really understanding metrics and data by posts is the best application of effort. Highlighting what is working –  and what is not – allows for better targeting your audience for more successful campaigns. 

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