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Planning a Successful Gathering

Welcome back to the Friday Five! 

*** Happy Fourth of July weekend! ***

It’s hard to believe this is already our 5th edition. To celebrate, and since this is a time of celebration, this week we decided to have some fun and cover something a little lighter: how to plan a great event. After all, holidays are all about relaxing with those you care about so why not do it with a little extra flare? 

Oh, and since fundraising is also about relationships, a lot of the tips below to host – or be a part of – a great party will carry over into your community building efforts and event planning. 

Here’s our 5 – enjoy the tips and have a great holiday party! 

1. Gather Friends and Family

Arguably the most important on the list. Regardless of the size – whether it is you and a friend, or the entire extended family – these are your people. Having time to enjoy their company and sharing some laughs makes the day-to-day work worth it. 

If no one has an area large enough, head to a beach or park to soak up some sun. Chances are you might find another group with the same idea! Just remember to bring lawn chairs, blankets and sunscreen.  

2. Prepare the entertainment

While just being with your friends is enough, bring some games and music to make even more memories. Some all time classics would be bags – or cornhole depending on where you-re from, flag football, frisbee, or even a game of catch. Make it fun, add a unique rule or switch up teams every few rounds.  

Too hot for such activities? No problem. A great way to beat the heat is to find a lake or pool. Can’t find some splashable water? Find a deck of cards or some dice and gather around inside. Some of our favorite games are Rumi, Farkle, Euchre, Left Right Center, Blackjack, and Solitaire. Don’t worry, though there are no wrong answers, only good memories.  

3. Don't Forget About the Food

One of our personal favorites. Food inherently brings us together. A grill, if you have one, is a great way to not only make and serve food, but to reinforce the event as a communal gathering.  

Just don’t forget the condiments, sides, and drinks!

4. Safety First

When we think of safety, it’s easy to jump to fireworks – because what is the 4th without fireworks? But, of course, you already know to stick with sparklers or leave it up to the pros. But the real threat: the sun. Being out and about all day, enjoying friends, food, and maybe a libation or two can easily lead to a crispy sunburn. Apply and reapply your (SPF 30+) sunscreen throughout the day to prevent some unpleasant leftovers. And don’t forget to stay hydrated! 

5. Most Importantly, Have Fun!!

Two exclamation points on this one. Whatever you do, have fun. Enjoy time away from work and the reward of being with friends and family. No matter what your plan is, so long as you and your gathering crew have a great time, you did a great job. 

From our team to yours, Happy Fourth of July! 

Check back next week for tips on building budgets, which is sure to be as fun as this one. 

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