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Getting Ready for Holiday Season

Happy Friday and welcome back to the Friday Five! It’s officially November. The weather is starting to shift cooler, clocks are – at least for another year – rolling back and the deluge of Halloween candy is a sign of the upcoming holidays. This is a time generally associated with being especially thankful and, most importantly,  generous.

The holiday season can be a perfect way to end your year of fundraising strong. Let’s make sure you are ready for the final push with a few helpful tips from your friends at DonorNinja.

1. Take Part in Giving Tuesday

For those who do not know, “Giving Tuesday” is November 29th this year. 

To quote from their website, “Giving Tuesday is a movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world.”  Start spreading your awesome message now, and synergize fundraising efforts with a reminder of Giving Tuesday amongst your constituents. It might be the push they need to donate. Click here to learn even more tips and how you can participate.

2. Who Doesn’t Love A Good Story?

We’ve mentioned this in other posts because it’s tried and true. Stories help us relate and connect.  When you tap into your donor’s emotions and empathy, there is a much greater likelihood they will support your organization. So tell your stories.  

You can tell a story in any number of mediums – email, social media, in person – but you will want to make sure the content rings true with the audience and holds their attention. Social media and videos are the hottest ways to get in front of a large audience at the moment, so think about getting your message out there for maximum return.

3. Engage!

Having your supporters donate is great, critical even. But retention and repetition is a game of engagement. Allow your constituents the opportunity to get involved. Whether it’s a one off event or a hyper focused day, getting engagement from your supporters gives them real feedback on their contributions. As we;ve said before, once your constituents feel good about their support, they are more willing to support financially short and long-term.

4. Start Early

Like people decorating for Christmas in August, give yourself ample time to make a year-end plan. Leveraging the holidays is a terrific way to find some last minute donations and capitalize on the general seasonal cheer, but it’s going to be a whole lot more successful if you strategize on how to holistically do this early.

5. Have a Strong Digital Footprint

This is thematic to so many of our posts and does not change with the seasons. Take advantage of technology and software by running a virtual mail and/or social media campaign – in this case themed around the holidays and Giving Tuesday – to increase reach and donations. Remember, many users first see your website on their mobile device. If your website is not mobile friendly, they may be gone for good.

For more tips on this, check out our previous post about Modern Tech Solutions

Thanks for tuning in and as always be sure to let us know which were your favorite or if you have any other suggestions.

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