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Gear Up for No-Shave November

Now that we are into the final stretch of October, it is a great time to start thinking about No-Shave November!  While some may grow out their facial hair for a little extra warmth, this web-based family run charity is raising both awareness and money for cancer education, prevention, and research.  

Due to the strong treatments that many cancer patients undergo, one common symptom is the loss of hair.  To raise awareness, No-Shave challenges participants to put down that razor, forgo the barber shop or salon and grow their hair out.  

So without further ado, here is what you need to know to gear up for No-Shave November?

1. No-Shave Beginning

In 2009, the Hill family decided to take the idea of growing out facial hair and turn it into a way to raise awareness and money for cancer research.  This family run charity had a personal connection due Matthew Hill, who passed away from colon cancer in 2007.  

Ever since, the month of November continues to be synonymous with hair growth and cancer awareness.  If nothing else, they have been successful with this!

2. Who Can Participate?

Only men who can grow facial hair can participate, right? 

Wrong!!!  Anyone can participate! Sure, while the concept of raising awareness was by growing out facial hair, but since then it has turned into so much more.  Even if you do not want to stop shaving, which you should, you can create a team and fundraise together.  Whether your work colleagues, friends, or family members, no group is too big. 

3. How to Sign Up

Participants can sign up with a team or individually.  Participants can sign up here.  Once signing up choose a fundraising goal and participating cancer charity to sponsor.  Once signed up, you can set up your page, add additional information, and select a fundraising goal.  If you are joining a team, this can also be done from your profile.  

If fundraising as a team,  the person who creates the team will be considered the captain.  This does not include any extra responsibilities though.  Once the team page is created, the remaining members will enter the team name to join on their profile page.

4. What Next

Once your page(s) are fully set up it is time to do one of the most important aspects, which is to put those razors down.  For those who are normally clean shaven they will see the biggest changes and most likely field the most questions.  When asked why this is a great time to spread awareness.  

Also don’t forget to fundraise!  Share your page with friends, family, or anyone you want to.  Since No-Shave is web-based, it is easy to share your page through social media to increase exposure.

Some Beard Facts To Close

Here are some beard facts that we thought were interesting:

  • Pogonophobia is the fear of beards, and can include other facial hair such as mustaches or goatess. 
  • Beards offer a variety of protection from both harmful UV rays as well as the wind and cold
  • In 17th century Russia, you had to pay a tax for the right to have a beard

To conclude, Gillette provided 15 facial hair styles, which are grouped on facial shape.  Stay hairy!

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