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Getting Started

Everything you’ll need to know to begin

DonorNinja is an all in one-donor-management system that is simplified, affordable, and data-driven. Track constituents, watch donation trends, identify areas of growth, and send targeted campaigns to grow your revenues and increase your impact.

DonorNinja collects data on all of your constituents – either directly from your website or from donations (whether they be a batch from an event or a single donor) and compiles all of the information so that you have a comprehensive database with all of the information.

DonorNinja allows you to collect detailed information to create robust donor and organization profiles which are then aggregated against the full dataset to give you trends and data-driven assumptions allowing you to not only see – but USE – the information in a meaningful way.


The system does this with a comprehensive list of default fields and also allow for your own customizations to ensure data is tracked in a useable way for your organization.  


DonorNinja also ensures that there are varying role permissions so that users are only seeing the information that is relevant to them. 


Various dashboards and reports throughout the system give an overview of performance – and areas of potential – at all levels whether it be viewing an individual donor and volunteer or in aggregate for teams and organizations. 

DonorNinja is a cloud-based system that is accessible from any computer or device with an internet connection.  

While DonorNinja can be accessed from a mobile device, not all features are mobile-optimized, so it is recommended that you use a laptop or desktop for full functionality.  

If you would like to see the system in action, give us a call to set up your free demo – (800) 611-0081.

DonorNinja is priced with affordability in mind – contact us to get a quote today!

We start by completing a review of your internal processes to understand your implementation needs, then our team customizes the system to fit your organization. We will train you, and after that you will have full access to our skilled support team for any questions that arise. 

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DonorNinja is a comprehensive donor database and fundraising management solution that focuses on simplicity, affordability, and meaningful data. The system allows you to easily track constituents, watch donation trends, identify areas of growth, and send targeted campaigns. This all-in-one solution can quickly help you to grow your revenues and increase your impact.